Services offered include;

Flint wall building.
Richard offers a professional and traditional flint wall repair or building service and is able to undertake a variety of work from major restoration projects to simple garden walls. Richard is also able to incorporate flint work into new buildings.
All work is carried out professionally and to the highest specification, using traditional methods and materials and specialising in lime mortar.
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Complete tree service including climbing dismantling adjusting pruning and shaping trees.
Richard offers a complete tree care program from simple fruit pruning to climbing and dismantling large trees. Richard can shape prune thin train or reduce all types of tree he also works with ESCC as part of the Dutch elm disease control program.
Tree stump removal is also a service offered, whether digging out the tree stump or using a grinder to grind it out.

Tree and hedge planting.
Richard offers a complete tree and hedge planting service and can plant any size tree or hedge, currently ranging from two year old hedge whips to 150 year old olive trees, from heights of 50 cm to in excess of 7 metres. Richard is happy to plant single specimen trees or long shelterbelts of trees or hedges of infinite quantity.

Mobile chainsaw sawmilling.
Richard has a portable saw mill and can plank up tree butts into usable timber. Richard commonly planks up elm from diseased trees rather than burn it. Various benches have been built from the timber for customers who wanted something other than logs!

Richard offers a 1.5 tonne mini digger with operator hire. Not only does the digger utilise various size buckets it also operates a grab and a posthole borer with augers of various sizes.

Richard offers various and varied landscape services. These include split Chestnut post and rail fencing, turfing, raised vegetable beds and many others.

By checking the Instagram pictures at the bottom of the homepage many examples of the type of work that Richard has carried out are able to be seen, if you are happy to follow Richard on Instagram then by clicking on individual pictures, a caption explaining what you are seeing can be viewed.