This project entailed the initial repair of the existing flint wall. The damaging Ivy was removed and the wall traditionally repaired. Elaeagnus trained trees were then planted to hide the buildings behind the wall. The ground was then levelled and turfed.

An instant hedge was required here and a 2.5 meter bare rooted beach hedge was supplied and planted providing instant screening.

A traditional field flint wall was requested to hide the existing raised block foundation. All the flint and bricks were from re-claimed sources.

A new house built in Meads in 2014. This was styled with random laid, full faced, flint work.

An Irish Yew that has been left unkempt,this was thinned out and corseted making it a more suitable size for the garden it is in.

Here are some Elm trees being processed into planks with a chainsaw mill. These planks are then used to build benches before being returned to the trees original owners or used in other projects.